1997 Jump just outside of Rangoon,
Burma. We had dinner with the Mayor of
Rangoon with a cultural festivities
through the whole evening.
1996 Jump with Cambodian 911 Infantry
from a MI 8 Soviet Helicopter.  This is
signed by the Cambodian Minister of
Defense. I flew to Phenom Phenn from
Thailand; On the return flight I flew to
Paris , France then to the Island of
Corsica and traveled to the city of Calvi
where Napoleon was born to visit the
French Foreign Legion 2nd PIR .
1998 Philippine Air Force in Pamapanga ,
Philippines. We stayed at the former Clark Air
Force Base in Angelees city. This city was
devastated by a volcanic eruption just a few
years prior
Foreign Jump Wings and Certificates Awarded
For Joseph Majid Jr
Please note that I traveled to each one of these countries, attended their jump
school, and jumped  to earn my wings and certificate
Traveled to Ulan Batntor , Mongolia in 1997 to Jump
with Mongolian Army. Toured General Zuchov
museum that Annotated how the Soviets fought
fiercely against the Japanese. I met up with Lt
Gettens at the stables in Iraq in 2005. We both
jumped with the Mongolians from a Soviet MI 8.
In 1998 I traveled to Moscow Russia
then drove to Ryazan to meet The
Russian Airborne Troops or VDV  
"Vozdushno-Desantnye Vojska", We
had lunch and toured the Spetsnaz
GRU museum and they put on a live
display of martial arts techniques.
When in Manila in the Philippine's we
stayed in Cavite Ternate in the mouth of
Manila Bay. We did a water jump with
the Philippine's Marines. We also took
an old U.S. Navy PT Boat to the Island of
1996 Jump with Royal Thai Border Patrol Police.
This is located in the city of Hua Hin on the
Thailand Burmese border.
1998 Water jump in the Gulf of
Siam with the Royal Thai Marine
Corp. This was in Pattaya , Satta
Hip Bay Thailand.
Receiving my wings and
certificate after swimming
back over a mile off shore.
2000 Jump with the People
Liberation Army (PLA) of
China. Jump was from a
Soviet Antov.
1998 was awarded "Honorary" the Royal
Thai Marine Recon Insignia
My Medical residency
card for my attendance
at Medical School;
Faculty of Basic
Medicine at Moscow
State University ( MGU)
Moscow, Russia
The picture of me in the truck was taken in the
P-40 area near Camp David
While in China I visited the Terra Cotta
Me with the
Cambodian 911
Receiving my wings from
Philippine Brigadier General
Water Jump from a UH 60 in the
Philippine's. Albert Kwan gives
thumbs up with me.
Me and AK in Tinamen Square by the Great Hall of the
People outside the Forbidden City in Beijing, China