My tours in Central America during the early 1980's. I
traveled to Honduras, El Salvador, and Panama. 1981-1986
In 1984 I was assigned to the Regional Military
Training Center (RMTC/CREM) Trujillo,
Honduras with the 7th SFG Special Forces
Group Commanded by Col Garcia. Salvadorian
troops were trained here in Honduras.
1982 my promotion to E-3  PFC
Our R&R Hot spot in Honduras. Just off
the Panamanian Highway by Lake
I was flown to Panama City ,
Panama from Honduras to pick up
communication equipment and  the
next day the Beirut bombing and
invasion of Granada took place the
flags were flown here at half mass
at Fort Clayton.
Jarman Field in Fort Clayton, Panama.
This photo was taken of me in 1984 just
outside the gate of the RMTC/CREM
Originally the training center was built,
mistakenly on someones land. The US
Government was forced to relocate.
In 1983 President Ronald Reagan sent US Troops to
Central America in an act to "Flex Muscle" abroad due to
terrorist acts against US military personal
Jim's Tattoo parlor in Ancon Hill Panama City,
Panama. I received my, one and only, tattoo here
in 1984 before flying into Honduras. THAT IS NOT
ME IN THE PICTURE, but it is the same guy who
tattooed me.
I was one of the first soldiers to arrive in 1983. When we arrived at
Comayagua, Honduras it could barely land a C-130. By the time we
left it was able to land a C-5 Galaxy.
I was my Company Commander's driver
The entrance to Palmerola Air Base in 1983.